Best power inverter reviews for you

What does the power inverter do?

power inverter converts DC power from a battery into conventional AC power that the regular appliance, such as electric lights, microwaves, computers, TV and etc, could operate with. You may have been looking for the best power inverter for your house or for your car. Below, we reviewed a few most popular power inverters to help you find the ideal one for you.

There are two types of power inverters in general. One is more generic power inverters. You can use them everywhere. It could be used in your car, your home, or anywhere you have a 12V DC source. If you are looking for reviews about those inverters, you can jump to this section.

If you are looking for the power inverters for car, there is type of power invert you can connect its input to the 12V socket in the car. Usually, these power inverters have less output power, usually around 150W or so. If that is what you are looking, you can jump to the following section.

Quick Comparison

ProductsContinuous powerPeak powerEfficiencyAmazon Review
ENERGIZER 2000 Watt Inverter
Energizer 2000 watt Power Inverter
2000W4000W90%3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)
WHISTLER XP2000i Inverter
Whistler 2500w Power Inverter
2000W4000W85%0 Stars (0 / 5)
Cobra CPI1000 1000W
Cobra CPI1000 1000W
1000W2000W83%3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)
ENERGIZER 4000W InverterEnergizer 4000w power inverter4000W8000W90%3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)
ENERGIZER 180W Cup Inverter
ENERGIZER 180W Cup Inverter
180wNA85%3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)


What critical specifications you should look into.

Output Power: usually, the power is referred as continuous power. This is the power wattage a device needs during its normal operation. On the other hand, the surge power wattage is the transient power when the device just gets started. Usually the peak power is twice as much as the continuous power. But, the appliances with a motor require very high surge power to start up. Please keep this in mind. For the car power inverter, the output power is usually about 150 Watts. This is limited by the highest current that 12V socket fuse can handle before it is blown.

Efficiency: The higher the inverter output power, the higher efficiency it needs to have. Why? For the same efficiency, the higher the output power, the higher the power loss. The power loss turns into heat that make the power inverter less efficient. Usually, you want to look for inverters with efficiency higher than 80%. Otherwise, you had better pass those units. The unit will get too hot to be used with high output power.

Protection Mechanism: Power inverters have all kinds of the protection mechanisms to protect themselves during fault conditions. We list a few of them here. Short Circuit Protection(SCP):when the inverter output is short to ground. It’ll turn off till the short is removed. Over Voltage Protection(OVP): when the DC battery voltage is just too high, as a way to safeguard the inverter it’s going to turn itself off. Under Voltage Protection(UVP): the inverter turns itself off once the input voltage is too low.

Best power inverter reviews for general purpose

Top rated 2000W power inverter

WHISTLER power inverter 2000W XP2000i model

It has 2000W continuous output power as well as 4000 Watts Surge Capability. It’s got 2 USB Port and 3 AC outlets, together with the output power and input voltage meter to check input volts and output watts.

whistler xp2000i power inverter

The actual AC output of inverters vary from 110~120 V. It’s got thermostat-controlled cooling fan which is turned on with temperature. One important thing you have to see is that the reverse polarity can blow the internal fuses inside the inverter. That can lead to permanent damage to the inverter. This damage isn’t covered within its manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, just be careful. WHISTLER XP2000i is able to deliver 4000 watts surge power. This is extremely helpful when run the application using inductive motors that uses many times of their regular continuous power rating.

If you would like to know more about the 2000 Watts power inverters, please check our full review for 2000W power inverter.

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ENERGIZER 2000w Inverter

This ENERGIZER Inverter is capable of 2000W continuous (4000W peak) capability. You have access two AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports. Its fan is quieter than other models of the similar wattage.

Energizer 2000 watt Power Inverter

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Top rated 1000W power inverter

Cobra CPI 1000W Power Inverter

Cobra 1000 Watt inverter provides 1000 Watt continuouCobra 1000W power inverters power and 2000 watt surge power. It’s got 3 AC outlets and one USB charging port. You may also read its Volt/Watt to keep an eye on the power usage. Its Pentagon Protection includes over-voltage shutdown, low voltage shutdown, thermal shutdown, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and etc.

Here is the 1000 Watts power inverters reviews, if you would like to know more about the 1000 Watts power inverters.

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Top rated 3000W power inverter

ENERGIZER Power Inverter 4000W

ENERGIZER 4000W Power Inverter delivers 4000W continous power. You can also read input voltage and output wattage from the display. Its outputs have got four USB charging ports as well as four AC outlets(that is a lot). It is guarded against the over-voltage, low voltage shutdown at its input.

Energizer 4000w power inverter

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Also, we have a full review on the 3000W power inverters where we recommend a few power inverters for your consideration. Please definitely check them out here.

Top rated car power inverter reviews

ENERGIZER 180 Watts Cup Car Power Inverter

Energizer cup inverter explores the cup holder design and will fit safely and securely into the vast majority of cup holders in the cars. Power rating is 180 Watts that is is more than sufficient. It offers 1 AC Outlets and 4 USB Ports. That is certainly lots of usb ports. One thing to point out is basically that you need to operate your inverter with the car engine on. If not, it’s going to deplete your regular car battery fairly quickly.energizercup

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Want more car power inverter recommendation? We have this complete review for car power interver just for you.

Extra Tips

Wire Gauge VS Power

The higher the inverter output power is, the thicker the cable wire it needs. Usually, if you do not run wire longer than 4 feet, use a minimum of #4 gauge wire to make the connections for 1500W inverter. A minimum of #2 gauge wire for 2000W inverter. #0 gauge for 2500W inverter. A minimum of #00 gauge wire for 3000W inverter.  It is always recommended to go one size up. Also, if you run longer cables, the wire needs to be thicker. You can check out this Whistle inverter manual.  The numbers here are just a rule of thumb. You should always refer to the inverter user manual for the wire cable instructions. This is critical.

Power VS Applicance

USB5 - 10WHome Computer150W
Battery Charger25WPortable Vacumm500W
DVD player60WMini Microwave1000W

All in all, what is the best power inverter on the martket. When you buy power inveter, you always ask yourself these quesitons. Where will it be used. in the car, in the house or a little of both. How much total power it should deliver.  What is my budget.  Well, you can also use Google to look for more answers. Hope our reviews answer your question. Thank you.