Best Power Inverter Reviews for 1000 watt units

What to do when shop for the best power inverter of 1000 watts:

power inverter converts 12 V direct current power into AC power that could power the devices such as electric lights, home appliances, computers and etc. You connect the inverter to car batteries. Sometimes, the deep-cycle batteries are preferred. Then, you have a mobile AC power. Here, we reviewed several very populat 1000+ watt power inverter to assist  you find your next inverter.

Important things to look for the power inverters:

1. Power Wattage

Usually, power wattage is referred as continuous(or CON) power wattage that a device needs during normal operation. There is also the peak or surge power wattage. That is when the device just gets turned on. Appliances with a motor require very high surge power, 3 to 7 times of their continuous power, to start up.

2. Power Efficiency

This really is crurial for the high power inverter. Why inverter efficiency is critical? First, as said before, an inverter converts DC power to AC power. the greater its efficiency is, the less power it loses in the conversion. It saves your hard earned money. Secondly, the energy it lost will become heat that could warm up the inverter self, which can be often bad. If you see a 1000W inverter with less than 80% power efficiency, go ahead to pass it.

3. Online real customer reviews

Nowdays, with the explosion of the internet, you can find the customer reviews in lot of different places. We always recommend people to look for all kinds of online reviews you can find online, such as youtube. Most of the time, the reviews are written by real users of the actual product you plan to buy. You can learn a lot about the product from those reviews.


Five 1000+ watt power inverter reviews

ProductsCON powerPeak powerEfficiencyACUSBCable Incl.Review
ENERGIZER 900 Watt Inverter 900W1800W90%22Yes3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)
BESTEK 1000w Power Inverter1000W2000W90%20Yes4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
Whistler 1600W Power Inverter1600W3200W85%32No0 Stars (0 / 5)
Power Bright PW1100-12 Inverter1100W2200W90%20Yes3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)
Cobra CPI1000 1000W1000W2000W83%21Yes3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)
Here, we list five 1000+ watt power inverters. Let us introduce some of them here.

ENERGIZER 900 Watt Power Inverter

It can deliver 900 Watt continuous power and 1800 Watts Surge Power. This unit has 2 AC Outlets and 2 USB Ports. You can also monitor the battery voltage and output power with the Digital Watt and Battery Volt Meter.


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The unit is protected against  over-voltage, low voltage at its input. Energizer inverters usually have good quality. This model is no exception either.

1600W WHISTLER power inverter

whistler xp1600i power inverter

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If you need a little more power than 1000W but do not want to pay much more, this WHISTLER XP1600i inverter is perfect for you. It has 1500+ watt continuous power and 3200 Watts Surge Capacity. 3 AC Outlets and 2 USB Port, along with Watt and Volt Meter. Click above link to get a 50% off discount.


BESTEK 1000w Power Inverter

This BESTEK unit provides 1000W CON / 2000W peak power capability. The battery cable is also included. But, the unit does NOT have usb output.

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Cobra CPI1000 1000W 12V DC to 120V AC Power Inverter

Cobra 1000W power inverter

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Cobra 1000 Watt unit delivers 1000 Watt CON power and 2000 watt surge power. It has 3 AC outlets and one USB charging port. You can also read its Volt/Watt to keep track of power usage. Its Pentagon Protection consists of thermal shutdown, over-voltage shutdown, low voltage shutdown, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and etc.

After say all these, what is the best power inverter with 1000+ watt output capability? If you just want to get something cheap with 1000+ w capability and do not need usb charging port, BESTEK 1000w Power Inverter is your best bet. If you trust Energizer brand, you will not be disappointed by ENERGIZER 900 Watt Power Inverter. It has a little less output power. But, it does the job. If you are willing to pay a little more, we would recommend WHISTLER XP1600i power inverter, with its discount price, you pay about $40 dollar more to get 50% more output power. In some cases, it could be worthwhile.