ENERGIZER 180 W Cup Power Inverter for Car Review

The Energizer 180 W Cup Inverter is a recent product released by the global leading power company, Energizer Holdings Inc. Energizer Holdings Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of primary batteries, flashlights, and lanterns. Energizer provides power solutions with several branded products including rechargeable batteries, power inverters, inductive chargers, and etc.

Overall Features:energizer cup power inverter for car

The Energizer 180 W Cup Inverter is recognized as the world’s smallest cup inverter. This model allows you to power your electronic devices in your car or RV. The inverter fits securely into most vehicle’s cup holders. It can be used to power up to 5 devices at once, with 4 USB ports and 1 standard AC outlet.

Detailed Review:

This new product of cup inverter is ultra compact. You can easily plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket or attaches to a car battery. It is also be equipped with thermal fan that can circulate air to cool down the temperature of inverter, make this cup inverter safer to operate. This 180 W model provides 180 watts continuous power and 360 watts peak power. The AC output voltage is about 120 VAC and the output frequency is 60 Hz. There are 4 USB charging ports (2.1 A is shared among 4 ports). The EN 180 is capable of powering most 120 VAC products that use 180 W or less. Its output wave form called modified sine wave is designed to function similarly to the sine wave shape of utility power.

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As the world’s smallest cup inverter, the dimension of the Energizer 180 W is about 3.00 x 3.33 x 3.26 inches. The weight is about 0.44 lbs according to this. Look light and tiny for power inverter, but very useful and powerful. The LED light indicator is also located at the top of cup inverter while the DC connector is placed below it. The thermal fan which has many ventilation opening, cover the entire side of this inverter.

energizercup3Customer Reviews:

According to other Amazon reviews, the customers think that within its functionality and price, the Energizer 180 W cup inverter is the best option. It is useful and reliable to use for long period. The one thing which is important to be aware is its limitations in load capacity, even though one AC port and four USB ports are provided. The USB port are limited to a total capacity of 2.1 amps. This is can run well for cellphones, but iPad or other tablets need the full 2.1 amps to charge correctly.

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After all the discussion above, the Energizer 180W cup inverter could be a decent choice for car power inverter. If you have more questions, please let me know here.