Whistler Pro-200W 200 Watt Power Inverter review

Since its first production of automotive radar detection system in mid 1970s, Whistler has kept growing in their product offering. They are always dedicated to bring the most current technology to their line of products. The DC to AC power inverters are one of those.
whistler 200w power inverter for car

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The Whistler Pro-200W converts relatively low voltage dc power to 110 volt household AC power. Its AC output is modified sine wave based. Its DC source could be the regular car batteries or one of those deep cycle marine batteries.

The Whistler Pro-200W can provide 200 watt continuous power and 400 watts surge capacity (or peak power). It has 1 AC outlet and 2 USB ports. This power inverter has a cooling fan. It also features overload protection, short circuit protection, smart surge control, thermal cut off, and voltage protection.

When you use this power inverter for the first time, you should read itsĀ manual instruction first to understand how to operate it properly. On its front panel, you have AC output socket, on/off switch, USB power ports, and power on LED while the back panel has the cigarette lighter plug.

According to amazon customer review, people think that the Whistler Pro-200W is a great power inverter for car and is surprisingly well made for its price. Also, people believe that the Whistler Pro-200W is very suitable for road trip, camping trip, and to be used in your vehicles.

Based on its functionality and reviews, the Whistler Pro-200W is the great option for your portable power inverter or the power inverter for your car. It is useful and can be very convenient power source for your power hungry devices on the road.